1 aRe Bab00n!

During an “incident” with a local safari tour bus, I stumbled across this strange device the humans used to look at cat pictures.  Eventually I learned a great deal of what this contraption can do.  I then discovered “Social Media” which lead me learning all about the hacking and the cyberz.  I now use my new found knowledge to trick humans into coming out here and “leaving” their electronics behind so I can grow my empire of hacker primates.  We now have a Maker Cave, Google Wireless internet, solar power, and Amazon Prime.  We now watch all the YouTube videos from IronGeek.   He does an amazing job capturing the speakers in the little box and sending to us here in the African savanna.  So for now, we watch, we learn, and we will throw poop at the charlatans!  Below is Carmine, the small human man beast was mocking him.  Carmine is a prisoner of war and was fully justified in his actions.

Stay tuned for more….

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