Stop your crying and get back to fixing the internet!

Well there has been quite the drama going on in the community as of late.  Lots to throw poop at if you ask me, so I’m taking a break from some code learning activities to get this off my chest…

I am going to refrain from a full on, poop throwing rant and simply reference this blog.  Russel covered a great deal in that post so just read it and then realize how stupid we all have been as of late.  One important point I think he made was that as this community grows, we will experience more conflicting personalities.  So just be smart about things, tell the proper authorities and don’t turn it into a political debate because that debate has been happening for YEARS!  These problems have existed since the dawn of civilization.  They will continue long after we are gone.  So now back to things we can fix…

This Equifax thing huh?  My handler is pretty livid about this.  Not sure what all the fuss is about, I don’t know what any of this credit stuff is all about or why a non-government entity would have so much data about you humans.  But seriously, we have many problems out there that need our attention.  If you have the skills to help fix them, then you should be out there trying to spread the word, educate management, developers, system admins, whoever you believe needs to know this stuff.  We have large organizations out there that continue to believe they are too big to fail, that the worst they will get is a minor financial slap on the wrist.  But let me tell you, that will probably be changing when policies like GDPR go into affect, maybe America will implement a similar regulation… oh who am I kidding the Oompa Loompa doesn’t even know how to spell GDPR.  But there are enough US businesses that will be affected greatly by the GDPR.

So lots to fix, we still have problems with SQL injection!  After this year we will be back to adding weak access control rules with all the S3 bucket breaches!  Anyway I need to get back to smacking some developer around for leaving their storage shared secret in their github public repo.

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